It’s interesting,

How everything connects;

Even when you think something doesn’t,

You start looking at it differently,

More deeply,

Until suddenly you see,

That it all connects.

Like electric currents,

Connecting the mains to devices,

Your past creates a spark,

Not staying stagnant,

But travelling through time,

Connecting to your future.

The feelings you thought had gone away,

Come back to suffocate you.

The actions of another,

Which you thought were insignificant,

Eventually drag you down,

Drown you,

Making you desperate for someone else to save you,

But its you,

That needs to be your own lifeguard.

Suddenly you see that everything connects;

Feeling a lack of love from home,

Desperately looking for love elsewhere,

Being betrayed, walked out on by those closest,

No longer trusting, closing off your heart,

The person you want not feeling the same way,

Shutting off your feelings to avoid pain.

But it’s like someone is playing a sick joke,

As everything that connects,

Has in the end,

Led to a serious disconnect.






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