My Top 5 Gospel Songs (right now)

Last week I left you with my Top 5 Months of the Year, and today I’m back with my Top 5 gospel songs.  However, they’ve got to be my Top 5 gospel songs as of right now, because there are regularly songs that I come across which take up a special place in my heart and become my favourites.  Here are the ones that are currently my favourites.


5. Healing – Richard Smallwood

Healing is a song that I’ve known for a long time, but only became one of my favourites recently after watching Madison Mission Seventh-day Adventist Church services online.  The words in this song are extremely powerful and soothing, providing encouragement and reassurance for many situations in our lives.  I’m glad that there’s a “balm in Gilead”.

4. Take It to the Lord in Prayer – Nolan Williams Jr.

“When we’re weak and heavy laden / Cumbered with a load of care / We should never be discouraged when we / Take it to the Lord in prayer”.  I could write out all of the lyrics for this song and it would say it all.  The words in this song are more than beautiful and filled with a sea of emotion, which speaks to my heart every single time and can almost always bring me to tears (especially when sung by The Aeolians).  The keys are also pretty effective as well.

3. It’s Not Over (When God is in It) – Israel Houghton & New Breed

The first time I heard this song, I had so much love for it.  It’s Not Over has been one of the go-to songs for me when I’m going through a difficult time and need a little reminder that God will get me out of it like He always does.  The encouragement the words give me is amazing — I can be singing my heart out with tears running down my face and have a smile on my face by the end.  When God is in it, there definitely is no limit.

2. What Can I Do – Tye Tribbett

I think this song is amazing; I just love it so much.  Again, the words say everything, because I genuinely cannot live without my Lord.  What Can I Do resonates with me, because I’ve tried to have complete control over my life and make it on my own, but it doesn’t work, because the fact is I can’t make it without God in my life, leading me in the right direction.  I also love the voices, the perfect use of instruments which build as the vocals build, and the vamp at the end which wraps up the song perfectly.

1. Closer/Wrap Me in Your Arms – William McDowell

This has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever made.  I fell in love with Closer/Wrap Me in Your Arms on the first listen and I’ve stayed in love with it ever since.  The musicality is stunning and the vocals are gorgeous, but again, it all comes down to the words, the beautiful words that say so much.  When I can’t come up with the words to say, this is a song that I’ve sung as a prayer on a number of occasions, and just like It’s Not Over, this song has been a comfort in some difficult times.  All I ever want is for my Lord to wrap me in His arms and take care of me.

I’ve also got to give a special mention to the beautiful and powerful Before The Throne by Shekinah Glory, Invitation by Byron Cage and A Beautiful Exchange by Hillsong.  I love gospel music; it is like medicine for my soul and these are simply a handful of the songs I enjoy listening to on a regular basis.  Do you have a favourite gospel song?



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