My Top 5 Colours

Yesterday was all about my Top 5 Basketball Players (you know my girl Maya Moore was number 1), but today is all about my Top 5 colours.  I’m gonna get straight into it.


5. Gold/Yellow

Gold and yellow, or golden-yellow, are bright, joyful colours that remind me of the sun, which is one of my favourite things in the world.  Gold is also one of the Lakers main colours and you know that I’m a Lakers fan, bleeding purple and gold.


4. Blue

I really like the colour blue and particularly like wearing the colour blue — there was also a time when I even wanted my bridesmaids’ dresses to be blue.  I love the bright blue sky on a crisp, sunny day and a clear, turquoise sea on holiday.  There are just so many beautiful shades of blue, like sapphire blue.


3. Pink

I love me some pink; I’m such a girly girl like that.  I like having pink accessories and I always want to have a pink phone, but unfortunately I haven’t had a pink phone for the past three years.  I think part of my love of pink came from my love of Barbies, my favourite childhood toy.  I just wish I owned some more pink clothes.


2. Red

Red is one of my favourite colours and a colour that I really like wearing.  Red is also special to me because of all of the great things this colour connotes.  When I think of red I think love, passion, fire and heat.  Let’s just say my Maid of Honour’s dress is going to be red when I finally get married.


1. Silver

Silver is my most favourite colour and it always has been.  Silver is beautiful and shining and shimmering, going nicely with so many other colours.  Silver embroidery and beadwork looks amazing, especially on wedding dresses, appealing to the fashion lover in me.  I know I want to have silver embroidery on my wedding dress.


So there you have it, my Top 5 Colours.  What are your favourite colours?


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