My Top 5 Basketball Players

Yesterday I shared my Top 5 Childhood Songs with you, but since the WNBA Finals are in full swing and the NBA pre-season is taking place, it makes sense to tell you my Top 5 basketball players.  I’m sure you already know that basketball is my favourite sport and I’ve already told you my Top 5 Basketball Babes, but now is the time to let you in on the players that I love so much and whose game I most admire.


5. Seimone Augustus

When I first had the chance to watch a WNBA game and see the Minnesota Lynx play, Seimone Augustus immediately stood out to me.  I loved her silky smooth pull-up jumper, I loved her slick crossover and I just loved her swagger on the court.  Let’s just say Seimone quickly became one of my favourite players.Seimone Augustus

4. Tim Duncan

This may surprise some people, but Tim Duncan has to be one of my favourite basketball players.  He is a sound, smart player who developed his basketball IQ playing the four full years at college — they call him ‘The Big Fundamental’ for a reason.  However, what I love most about Timmy (as I affectionately call him) is his humility and team-first mentality.  He is a true leader and has the heart of a champion.  More NBA players should follow his example; they might just have a ring by now.Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs

3. Brittney Griner

I love me some Brittney Griner.  I’ve loved Brittney since I first saw her play for Baylor University, when she was a freshman struggling with stamina and asking to be taken off the court.  Brittney is a player who will always stand out with her 6’8 frame, but she knows what to do with that height and I enjoyed watching her grow as player.  It was her story off the court that really drew me to her though, as spoke out about the bullying she experienced and becoming more comfortable with who she was.  Brittney is an inspiration to many and she is truly beautiful, inside and out.Brittney Griner, Anna Prins

2. Kobe Bryant

I am a big Lakers fan and I am a big Kobe Bryant fan.  Kobe is a cold-blooded player and I always enjoy seeing him on the court, whether he is shooting a dagger three or shooting his turn-around jumper over defenders.  Kobe is one of the best to ever play the game and when he’s on top form, he is seriously amazing to watch.  Yet what I love best about Kobe is that he’s one of the strongest and most resilient players I’ve ever seen, fighting through pain and injury to give his all to his team — let’s not forget when he shot those two free throws with a torn achilles.Kobe Bryant, Johan Petro, Pau Gasol

1. Maya Moore

My ultimate favourite basketball player is the “great Maya Moore”, as Rebecca Lobo refers to her, and I have to agree.  I saw Maya’s greatness in UConn, where I first watched her play as a star freshman and I’ve loved her ever since — I was devastated when UConn lost in the Final Four during Maya’s senior year, as I wanted her to win that championship after she’d helped other seniors win the two previous years.  Maya is an amazing player, who has grown and grown over the years and managed to win at every level, even if that means changing her diet to make her more conditioned and an even better player.Maya Moore

So there you have it, my Top 5 basketball players.  Do any of my choices surprise you?  And who are your favourite basketball players?


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