My Top 5 Childhood Songs

Yesterday I shared with you my Top 5 songs by one of my favourite bands, Florence + the Machine, and today I’m going continue with the musical theme by sharing my Top 5 childhood songs.  These are five songs that had a special place in my childhood, bring me back to my childhood and/or always bring great childhood memories to mind.


5. Turn Me On- Kevin Lyttle

I first heard this song when I was nine-years-old and on holiday in Grenada.  This was one of the three songs that I remember continuously hearing in Grenada and it stuck in my head, so you can imagine my excitement when it was released in the UK years later and I heard it on the radio for the first time.  Turn Me On will forever have that connection to my Grenadian Christmas holiday.

4. Lady Marmalade- Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink & Missy Elliott

Lady Marmalade was a BIG tune when it came out and I remember watching the video as a little girl, loving the outfits and the extreme make-up.  I’d try to copy Lil Kim’s cool, edgy actions and hit Christina Aguilera’s huge, powerful notes.  I remember different groups performing dance routines to this song when I was at school or holiday play schemes, and us as children singing, “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir”, without actually knowing what it meant.

3. Crazy in Love- Beyoncé ft Jay Z / Breathe- Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul

I’ve done something a different for number three, with two songs instead of one, as these two songs are here for exactly the same reason.  Crazy in Love and Breathe immediately became two of my favourite songs when I was younger and they remained my favourite songs for years to come.  I remember these songs playing all of the time on the radio or music channels when they were released, especially when I was on holiday in Ireland at 10-years-old.  Crazy in Love and Breathe bring back memories of another one of my holidays and I love that.

2. Jenny from the Block- Jennifer Lopez

Ahhh, Jenny from the Block.  It’s actually the introduction of this song that makes it such a standout song from my childhood.  I was in Year 6 when this song came out and I remember listening to it during wet playtime, laughing my head off with a friend of mine because we found the man in the introduction singing, “Children grow and women producing / Men go working / Some go stealing / Everyone’s got to make a living”, so hilarious.  We actually had no idea what he was saying.  I’ll never hear this song without smiling and reminiscing about my school years.

1. Dirrty- Christina Aguilera

“If you ain’t dirrty / You ain’t here to party!!!”  Dirrty is my ultimate childhood song.  I loved this song the moment I heard it — I loved the bumping beat, I loved Christina’s powerful, raspy voice, I loved the lyrics, I loved the video and I loved Redman’s roaring presence.  It was not only another one of my favourite songs for the longest time, but it was also the big song in Year 6.   Some girls made up a dance to it, which they performed during one of our talent assemblies and proved very popular — the teachers joined in when we danced it at a school disco.  This song was also a constant on the playlist during wet playtime. I could write so much about this song, because it bring back so many great childhood memories.   Boy, do I miss school.

I’m gonna give a special mention to These Words by Natasha Bedingfield, which reminds me of a great Spanish holiday when I was 11, and S Club Party by S Club 7, which I made up a dance to at seven with some girls from school.  Do you have any songs that bring you back to your childhood?





  1. I still jam to Lady Marmalade all the time….the vocals on the song are just amazing. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney is also a nostalgic favourite for me. Nice blog…especially your paintings 🙂

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