My Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs

Last week I left you with my Top 5 Disney Classics, and today I’m going to stick with entertainment, telling you my Top 5 Michael Jackson songs.  Michael Jackson is one of my favourite artists ever!  I love his songs, his look, his beautiful voice, his music videos and his dancing.  He really was the best all-round performer.  So here are my Top 5 songs by the King of Pop, which are in no particular order, apart from number 1, which is my ultimate favourite.


5. You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone is one of Michael’s later songs, but also one of his most beautiful.  His voice is sweet and mellow, like honey for the ears, and the raw emotion that he brings into the song just grabs you.  It is the end of the song that makes me love it so much though, as he brings that raw emotion to sing “You are not alone” over and over, before ending with an ad-lib that I’m always desperate to sing along to.

4. Liberian Girl

Everytime I hear the airy introduction, I get excited about Liberian Girl, counting in to when Michael starts to sing.  This is one of the most gorgeous and sultry songs by Michael Jackson, filled with his amazing vocals and stunning harmonies.  Whenever I hear Liberian Girl, I want to do some sort of Latin dancing, because of its exotic sound that bring the song to life.

3. Dirty Diana

Oh, my, gosh; Dirty Diana.  For me, this song is one of Michael’s very best.  It is sharp, edgy and raw, full of soul and emotion.  Michael hits every line with intensity and you can feel him coming through his vocals, so you just can’t help giving it when you’re singing along with him.  And then there is the music — the guitar in Dirty Diana is amazing and nothing beats that stunning, eerie instrumental interlude that leads into the final verse.

2. Human Nature

There is no way Human Nature could not be on my list.  This is another one of Michael’s best songs, which is probably pretty obvious, as it’s been covered and sampled so many times.  Human Nature is dreamy, beautiful and romantic.  I love Michael’s sweet voice and I love the backing music even more — the two together is just pure gold.  And who doesn’t love Michael singing “Why? Oh, why?” in that soothing, dreamlike voice.

1. Stranger in Moscow

It might surprise some people, but my favourite song by Michael Jackson is Stranger in Moscow.  I get excited every time this song comes on, because it is just so beautiful.  The music is beautiful, Michael’s voice is beautiful and the lyrics are beautiful.  This is a song that touches my heart and seems to speak to me somehow, maybe because I know what it’s like to feel alone and cold inside.  The song also builds, from being very soft to more powerful at the end, with plenty of grit and emotion in Michael’s voice.

It was very hard, but those are my Top 5 Michael Jackson songs.  I could give so many special mentions, but I’m only going to give a few: Rock with You, Smooth Criminal, Keep The Faith, HIStory, Earth Song and They Don’t Care About Us.  What are your favourite Michael Jackson songs?



  1. Great Michael music picks! Especially your number one Stranger in Moscow! I believe it’s a lesser known song so I’m glad to see it featured. The video was gorgeous. Stylized and conveyed Michael’s emotion perfectly.

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