My Top 5 Film Series

Yesterday was all about my Top 5 Films, but today is all about my Top 5 film series.  I love a good film, but there is nothing better than a good film series, as you get to see more of those characters you love and a continuation of their stories.  Let’s see if you’ll share any of my Top 5 film series.


5. The Mighty Ducks

This might not be so well-known, but I love The Mighty Ducks trilogy.  I’m a fan of all three films and I loved them the first time I watched them on the TV, although I only have the first two on DVD.  I’ll buy the third one soon though, although it kind of upsets me that my babes Jesse isn’t in it.The Mighty Ducks

4. Toy Story

The Toy Story franchise is really great stuff and every film is just as good as the first, which can be quite hard for film sequels, particularly children’s film sequels.  The Toy Story films are some of the best children’s movies and I love the ideas of toys coming to life – I always wanted so run back and see if my Barbies came to life when I left the room.  The films are also very quotable, I love the songs and Sid is just one of the best villains ever.Toy Story

3. Bourne

The Bourne series — excluding the fourth film, as no Bourne film is right without Matt Damon in the lead role — is one of the best set of action movies I’ve seen, and you know how I love an action movie.  Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is amazing and so hot, as well as being fun to watch.  I also enjoy following Jason Bourne’s story and watching him interact with the various other characters, particularly Marie, the only person he loved.Bourne Films

2. The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious franchise has been going on forever, but I love it.  The films are packed with action and they introduced a story arc that really makes you think, which I think is cool.  And then there is the beautiful love between the characters Dom and Letty — need I say more.  I like all of the films, with the exception of the Tokyo Adrift, but it is the first, fifth and sixth films that I really love.  I’m looking forward to the final three films already.The Fast and the Furious

1. X-Men

My favourite film series has got to be the X-Men film series.  You already know that I like action movies, but I also like superheroes and the X-Men are definitely my favourite superheroes.  I really like the idea of mutants and there are times that I wish I was one — I’d like to have Rogue’s power myself.  All of the films are good stuff and I love how they’ve revamped the series with the X-Men in their younger days.  I can’t wait for X-Men: Apocalypse.X-Men

Now you know my Top 5 films and film series.  What film series or franchises or trilogies are your favourite?


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