My Top 5 Foods

Since I filled you in on my delicious Top 5 Cereals yesterday, it just makes sense to fill you in on my Top 5 Foods today.  I love food so this is a great one for me.


5. Crisps

I’ve got to say that I have a little weakness for crisps.  Crisps are crunchy, they taste great and for me, they are the ultimate snack.  The only problem is that I like crisps a little too much, and I always want more and more, especially Flame Grilled Steak Real McCoys, which are my favourite. (public domain image)

4. Rice

I love me some rice, whether it’s plain rice with some sort of gravy dish or seasoned rice.  My favourite is egg fried rice, which I cook at home, and I’m a big fan of jollof rice.  There a number of other rice dishes that I enjoy and could lay out for you, but that would take too long.Rice

3. Patties

One of my favourite things to eat is a patty, and when I say patty, I mean Jamaican patty.  Of course, the only flavour I can eat now is vegetable, but I’m more than content with that, as long as I can eat that delicious, flaky, orange pastry.Patties

2. Omelettes

I have a slight obsession with omelettes – I even wrote a blog post expressing how much I love them.  Omelettes are one of the best things ever, because there are so many ways you can experiment with them and they are ideal for using up leftovers.  And if you haven’t tried it, I seriously recommend peanut butter and Nutella omelettes.  They taste great.Omelettes

1. Chips

I have a crazy obsession with chips.  I don’t care if they are big chips from a chip shop or fries from KFC, I love, love, love them.  Chips are my favourite food ever and every time I smell chips, I want them, but I have to resist the temptation.  If you want to make me out for a special meal, I’d be happy with a plate of chips every time.Fries

I feel like I have to give a special mention to pizza, which used to be my favourite food, and potatoes as a whole, which I love mashed, roasted or in breadcrumbs.  What are your favourite foods?


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