My Top 5 Basketball Babes

Yesterday I shared my Top 5 Qualities in a Guy with you, so I’m gonna keep in line with the guy theme and tell you my Top 5 basketball babes.  As you know, I’m a huge fan of basketball, but there are some players that I just love to look at or watch play for various reasons.  I’m also crazy about the characters and stories of some players, which makes me fall in love with them all the more.  Check out my Top 5.


5.  Zach Auguste

Zach is one of my recent basketball babes, who I fell in love with while watching college basketball this year.  He was a strong, tough player, which is always something that I like to see, but he is also incredibly gorgeous.  He caught my eye immediately and became my babes in that moment.Zach Auguste

4.  Tyus Jones

Tyus is another one of my recent basketball babes, who I fell crazy in love with this year during his freshman and only season with Duke.  Tyus is a talented, cold-blooded, clutch player and I always enjoy watching him handle the ball (I love a good floor general).  He is gorgeous, but not conventionally gorgeous, with a really lovely face.  Tyus will always be my baby.Tyus Jones

3. Ryan Boatright

I love me some Ryan Boatright, so I was all sorts of happy when I read that he had been signed by the Brooklyn Nets after going undrafted.  I fell in love with Ryan last year, when he played with great heart and helped UConn to a National Championship.  What can I say; I love a guy who plays with heart and gets a little hyped.  And there’s also the little thing about Ryan being so fine.Ryan Boatright

2. Shabazz Napier

I love, love, love, love, love Shabazz Napier.  I mean, I seriously went crazy for this guy when he led UConn to their National Championship last year.  He commanded authority, clashed with Ryan Boatright in his desire to win the game, showed gorgeous emotion when he won and delivered an amazing speech.  The more I watched Shabazz, the more I wanted him to be my man and the more I loved him.  He will always be babes.Shabazz Napier

1. Seth Curry

No one could be number one but Seth Curry.  Seth is just my ultimate basketball babes, mainly because he’s been my babes since I first saw him play at Duke five years ago.  I thought he was gorgeous, with one of the sweetest faces, and it broke my heart to see him get so many injuries, especially as I love seeing is 3-point shot.  Seth seems so lovely and, so I was over the moon when he finally signed a full contract with the Sacramento Kings, which he deserves after all the hard work he’s put in.  I cannot wait to watch him play in the upcoming NBA season.Seth Curry

I do have to give a special mention to my darling Travis Trice, whose amazing story inspired me, and the lovely, shy but tough Kawhi Leonard.  Do you have the same sort of love for any of my choices?  What basketball players would be in your Top 5?



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