My Top 5 Features on a Guy

Last week I left you with my Top 5 Boys Names, but today I’m gonna take it somewhere different and tell you about my Top 5 features on a guy.  I bet you can guess which is number one, but I wonder if the other choices will surprise you.


5. A Long Nose

Now I know it might confuse you when I say a long nose, but the only way I can explain it to you is simply by saying look at Colin Kaepernick’s nose.  There is something about a long, kind of big, nose that I love and I don’t know why.  It just adds an extra dimension to a man’s face and I think that is gorgeous.San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

4. An Angular Jaw Line

An angular jaw line on a guy is one of the greatest things ever.  As soon as I see one, I will immediately say, “Look at that jawline” and smile to myself.  It gives a guy’s face that sexy, masculine shape, especially when they bite down on their jaw, which I of course go crazy for.  If you wanna know what I’m talking about, check out Channing Tatum in his earlier acting days.Channing Tatum

3. A Beautiful Smile

Nothing melts my heart more than seeing a beautiful smile.  A guy may not have the most attractive face, but if he has a beautiful smile, then I’ll begin to see him in a different light.  It makes me feel warm inside, as when I see a beautiful smile, then I can’t help but smile too.Michael B Jordan

2. Lovely Eyes

With a lot of faces, it is all about the eyes, and if a guy has lovely eyes than that will do good things for his face.  Eyes are usually the first feature I take notice of on anyone’s face, but I love being able to look at a pair of sweet, kind eyes, especially when they are curtained by beautiful, long eyelashes.  I particularly like looking into warm brown eyes and intense green eyes.Jared Leto

1. Long Hair

Without a doubt, my number one feature on a guy is long hair.  I’ve got crazy love for guys with long, beautiful, healthy hair, as it’s gorgeous to look at and I like being able to have something to run my hands through.  Long hair is definitely one of my weaknesses (along with lighties).  I love plaits, cornrows, gorgeous dreads like the hurdler Jason Richardson and beautiful curly hair like the performer, R-Tizt.Jason Richardson


There you have it.  Those are my Top 5 features on a guy and I’m not ashamed to say it.  Do you share any of my Top 5 or are your favourite features on a guy totally different?  I’d love to read your preferences.


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