My Top 5 Boys Names

A few days ago, I filled you in on my Top 5 Girls Names, so its only right that I now fill you in on my Top 5 Boys Names.  I wonder if you’ll be able to guess any of my choices.


5. Marcus

I love the name Marcus.  It is a sexy name that will always sound great coming out of your mouth.  If I’m considering a male name for a character or something like that, it always seems to be one of the names that comes to mind.  I just love it.


4. Malachi

Malachi is a gorgeous Bible name that I started to love a little more recently.  It suddenly stood out to me and I realised that I really liked the way it sounds.  In my first full length play, I gave my leading character the name Malachi and it is a name that I will definitely use more often.


3. Machaiah

I think I’ve really got a thing for boys names starting with the letter ‘M’, particularly biblical boys names.  Machaiah is another name from the Bible that I’ve started to love more recently, but I can truly say that I’m crazy about it now.  If I have a son, I’m definitely considering calling him Machaiah.


2. Tai

Tai is simply a really beautiful name.  It sounds beautiful on the tip of your tongue and it looks beautiful, spelt out on a page.  To me, Tai has a more exotic or oriental sound, which I love.  It is also a name I will usually consider when creating characters for my plays.


1. Shay

I am obsessed with the name Shay, so it has to be at number one.  There was a time when Rio would have come in at number one and it also would have been the first choice for my son’s name, but it’s not even in the mix anymore.  Shay is a beautiful name with a silky sound when you say it.  I love the spelling, I love the way it looks and I always want to call at least one of my characters Shay, but of course, I don’t do that.


I love so many boys names, which made it quite hard to pick a Top 5, but I want to give a special mention to Matteas, Matthew and Micah (I don’t know why I love names beginning with ‘M’ so much).  What boys names do you really love?



  1. We named our son Matthew Sean. The Biblical name Matthew means gift of the Lord. Sean is the Irish version of the Biblical name John which means God is gracious. We often refer to our son as Mateo, the Spanish version of Matthew, since we live in Southern California and Mateo rolls off the tongue. I love the name Micah, too – another Biblical name.

  2. So happy you picked Tai on your favorite boy names list. It’s Vietnamese and it means “lucky” or “good fortune”. 🙂 How did you come about picking it? Do you know anyone with that name?

    1. Really? That’s so interesting, I never knew anything about the origins of the name before. I think the first time I heard it was on Beyblade and I just remember thinking it was a beauitufl name. I love it.

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