My Top 5 Songs by The Corrs

Like I did a series of dedications to some of the beautiful people in my life, I would like to do a series of some of my top 5 things in various categories.  Today I saw that The Corrs have finally reformed and they are planning to release new music, so in honour of one of my favourite music groups, I decided to start with my Top 5 songs by The Corrs.


5. Love to Love You

Although there is an essence of sadness about this song, as the lyrics are about wishing that you could love someone the same way they love you, it is light, upbeat and sounds great on a summer’s day.  However, what I love most about Love to Love You is the musicality of the instruments, which has that Celtic sound The Corrs are so famous for.  My favourite part is the end of the song, where the instruments come more into the forefront with the tune that I always move my head to, and just brings the whole song perfectly together.

4. Dreams

Although Dreams was originally made famous by Fleetwood Mac — whose version I also love — it is the cover by The Corrs that has a special place in my heart, probably because it is the version I knew first.  Their signature sound adds a different element to the song, making it a little brighter and bringing the lyrics to life in a different way.  This is a song I would jump and dance around the room to, singing “When the rain washes you clean you’ll know”.

3. Long Night

This is one of The Corrs’ slower songs, with a beautiful, romantic feel that I fell in love with the first time that I heard it.  The lyrics in Long Night are some of my favourite lyrics of any song by The Corrs, particularly those in the chorus.  However, Long Night would not be what it is without the backing music, especially the violin, which provides a number of stunning solo moments throughout.  It’s a song that makes me want to get up and twirl or waltz with a lovely partner.

2. Runaway

There is no way you can love The Corrs and not love Runaway.  This song is romantic, magical, soothing and so emotional.  I love the beautiful, sweet lyrics, and the soft yet powerful vocals, but it is the instruments that just bring it home, giving the song a stunning sound.  Runaway speaks to the romantic side of me that wants to find to find the one — I would love to have the chance to sing to someone, “I would run away with you / Cause I am falling in love, with you / No never I’m never gonna stop / Falling in love with you”.

1. What Can I Do

My number one favourite song by The Corrs has to be What Can I Do.  I think it always has been, ever since the days of my childhood.  Like Runaway and Long Night, this is one of their slower songs, but with a slightly more upbeat sound.  Of course, I love the tune, the stunning vocals and the amazing use of the violin, but it is the lyrics that truly speak to my heart and put this song above all the rest.  Despite a slightly more up upbeat sound, this is a melancholy song that I’m sure many of us can relate to — “What can I do to make you love me / What can I do to make you care / What can I say to make you feel this / What can I do to get you there”.

So there you have it.  These are my top 5 songs by The Corrs, but I’ve got to give a special mention to Summer Sunshine, which has a lot of nostalgia for me.  Are any of these your favourites, would you have switched any of the songs around or maybe added something else to the list?  Let me know.


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