Writing is my way of expression,

Of letting out emotions;

It is the avenue to my soul.

Through writing I am able get out the words,

The words that I want to say from my mouth,

But instead get confused or muddled up.

So I write the words down on paper,

Or type them on a keyboard,

Letting them run freely from the avenue of my mind,

Expressing myself better than I could through speech.

It is writing that has gotten me through the hard times,

And writing that has allowed me to speak my mind.

I’ve been able to tell people things,

Things I’d never thought I’d say,

Because writing it down make it simpler,

Allowing me to think the words through.

Writing is my first love,

I don’t know where I’d be without it,

But it’s also a gift from God,

And I won’t ever forget it.


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