Screwed Up System

Today, I watched my best friend, who I love with all my heart, get screwed over by the system.  I was totally unimpressed and of course, she was angry, with good reason.

Too often, the system messes up, which can lead to negative effects on the lives of numerous individuals and even send some of them on a downward spiral.

It is the moments like these that create distrust between the system and individuals who are on the outside.  Instead of helping, they make things worse or lead to further problems down the line.

Watching what happened to my friend in court today was a real disappointment and I felt horrible for her.  However, it again showed why people don’t trust the system or the police, and more to the point, why people don’t report crimes to the police.

The system needs to fix up, because it is failing too many individuals, like it failed my best friend today.



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