All About the Money

I’m sorry, but I am so sick and tired of hearing about these basketball players getting paid stupid money in these trade deals.

It’s bad enough that people are struggling to get by financially in this economy and they are getting paid disgusting amounts of money, but many of these players are not even good enough to deserve these contracts.

Some of these players are superstars in their own minds and think they deserve a whole pile of money, but how much are they really going to bring to their team next season?  In fact, how much did they even do last season?

This constant focus on money and unnecessary high pay cheques are also contributing to the diluted play in the NBA, which I hate.  There are far too many players now who are all about the money rather than being all about the basketball.  Yes, it’s all good getting paid, but it should be all about the passion and desire to win.

Seeing all this madness has got me frustrated and confused in my mind, but more than anything, it’s making me worried about the future of the NBA and men’s basketball in the US.  Something has to change.



  1. Do you think it is just basketball? What about football. baseball, soccer or any other paid athletic sport. They all make way too much money but the reality is …..It is everyone else that is paying their salaries. Its the entertainment business and as long as we are watching and paying they will continue to get paid the big bucks. You are right the money has diluted the play in multiple sports because you can’t go hard anymore with the fear of getting injured and loosing that money. I don’t know what we can do to make the change other than lowering the guaranteed money in contracts and putting it more into incentive. So you get paid the big bucks only when you perform to a certain level or reach certain goals. A lot of player know that no matter what they do they will get paid and its easier to just walk to court

    1. I totally agree with you, it is all other paid athletic sport, but I just chose to focus on the NBA at this time. It is us and the entertainment business who is paying for their salaries, which bothers me a whole lot. However, like you said, I don’t know what we can do to make the change.

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