Becoming the PR Whizz that is Sian Anderson

I was really inspired when listening to Sian Anderson’s story this week. She has done some truly amazing things and achieved a whole lot over the years, and she is just one year older than me.

Stories like this just encourage me to get out there, push harder and keep on moving forward. Young people are not only the future, but they are the now.

Young People Insight

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing the inspirational story of journalist, radio host, PR whizz, presenter and grime music go-to girl, Sian Anderson.  Sian shared her journey so far with myself and a number of other young people at the Livity / Live Mag UK headquarters.

Photo from Photo from

Sian is a former editor of Live Mag UK, who came in at 15 saying that she simply wanted to be a “celebrity interviewer”.  However, as a contributor, she wrote a piece about girls from “ends” with some references to girl gangs, which attracted the attention of the newspaper, South London Press.

This particular story was translated in a way that got Sian into some trouble, but she was able to rectify it and respond to the backlash, while making a good sum of money for a 15-year-old in the process.  Being put in this situation taught…

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