Life Lessons from my Cousin

When I went away, I loved having the opportunity to be in a new environment with new people, but more than anything, I loved being able to try new things.

I’ve always liked to try new things (particularly new types of food), but sometimes my fear of not being able to do new activities to the best of my ability prevents me from doing them.

When I was little, my parents bought me pretty, pink Barbie roller skates with the accessories to match, so I could learn how to skate.  However, I was not picking it up, and as a perfectionist who was determined to pick things up straight away as a child, I simply stopped trying.

I never picked up a pair of skates again after that and I never went skating at all, until my cousin took my sister and I skating with his friends.  Although it was a fun activity, skating served as some sort of life lesson for me, due to the parallels with my own personal life.

I  fear a lot of things in this world, which can prevent me from moving forward, but I refused to let my fear get the better of me this time and stop me from learning to skate.

It was my fear of falling and what people would think of me that hindered me from getting out there, but my cousin told me that if I wanted to learn to skate, “Don’t be afraid to fall”.  As it turns out, I did end up falling a few times, but I was proud of myself for getting out there and trying.

I went from not being able to stand up on my own to being able to skate around a little on my own.  I also continued to make (small) improvements, which was helped by reassurances from my cousin.

Skating was also a lesson in trust, which is an issue that I struggle with in my everyday life.  I avoid putting my trust in others, because I feel that they might let me down, so I prefer to rely on myself.

However, when skating, I had to put my trust in my cousin to teach me, keep me upright and stop me from falling.  I was afraid that I would fall, even with him holding my hands, and there were times when I almost dragged him down, but he always kept me on my feet.

It was only when he let me go that I fell, but he just wanted me to trust myself enough to do it on my own.  Whenever I said, “I can’t”, he would say, “Yes, you can”, which reminded me that I can do it and I need to stop doubting myself.

Skating taught me to trust, fight through my fears and embrace new experiences, which brought me joy.  I’m so glad my cousin continued to push me, motivate me and convince me to try, because I feel that it helped me to grow.  And I am definitely gonna try skating again.



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