Strange People

I’ve found myself unable to write recently, for a number of different reasons, mainly because I’ve extremely busy or I’ve had no idea about what to write.

However, I’ve found myself able to write today and I’m happy about that, because it gives me the opportunity to offload some of my burdens and get some things off my chest.

What I have to say is why are people so strange?  And I don’t mean strange in a good way, which I love, but strange in a bad way that I find really off-putting.

I’ve found that there are too many people in my life behaving in a strange way, which I cannot stand.  Why do certain people stop talking to you for no apparent reason and why do some just treat you carelessly without giving it a second thought?

I love people, but it is times like these when I really don’t like people.  They have a tendency to walk all over my kindness, which is why I prefer to push people away before they get too close.  Sometimes I think it’s just easier to ride solo forever.



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