Moving Forward to Become the Change

Last week, I finally had a focus group to help move my youth platform forward. I am determined to make a difference and I want to do that with the help of other young people.

Young People Insight

As I mentioned earlier in the year, Young People Insight is moving forward and bigger things are being planned for this year.  One of the ways that the platform is moving forward is through developing a media campaign/project with youth charity, Fixers.

Fixers is an organisation that works with young people aged 16-25, helping them to “fix” an issue that is important to them, whether it be mental health, crime, drugs or safety.  According to Fixers, these young people are “motivated by personal experience to make positive change for themselves and those around them.”

Fixers not only help young people get their voices heard by the right people through various creative avenues, such as films, poster campaigns or events, but they also connect them to digital, print and broadcast media.  This enables them to “make their voice heard as far and wide as possible.”

Two days ago, I…

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