Crazy in Love with Tyus Jones

I said that I’d fallen in love with Duke’s Tyus Jones prior to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but by the end of last night’s championship game, I had fallen crazily in love with him.

Tyus Jones showed up big time in last night’s game and with a boost from fellow freshman, Grayson Allen, he carried the team on his back to win the title.

I was ecstatic, as I watched Duke win the championship after an intense game against Wisconsin.  I loved the constant back and forth of this game, full of exciting and pretty plays, as an unlikely hero was born and star players showed their star quality.  I was also extremely happy for Coach K, who won his 5th National Championship.

However, it was Tyus who continued to captivate me throughout the game, as he has done throughout the season.  He is talented and cold-blooded, with the ability to make some very pretty plays and tough shots.  He is calm, collected and clutch, but when he shows emotion, it is a great thing to watch.

Like a number of other basketball players, I affectionately refer to Tyus as my baby.  He is someone that I love to watch play, but I also think that he is very cute.  Tyus is gorgeous, with a beautiful, bright smile and adorable freckles.  He may not be conventionally gorgeous, but he really does have a lovely face.

Tyus is a special player with great heart, who is going to go far in his career.  He is also someone that I would love to spend time with and I am just glad that he helped Duke to win another title.  What can I say, I’m crazy in love with Tyus Jones.


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