Falling in Love with Travis

I have to say that last night, I watched one of the most boring Final Four games ever, which was such a shame, because I love Duke and Michigan State fought hard to get where they were.

It was a shame to watch Michigan State playing like they were a team that did not deserve to be in the Final Four for the majority of the game, but watching the constant foul calls was just awful.  In fact, the officiating in the next game was even worse – I was absolutely appalled.

However, what made me most sad was seeing Michigan State senior, Travis Trice, go out like this after all he’s been through.  Travis Trice is a true fighter and a true inspiration in so many ways, battling illness, injury and other setbacks to become a talented player who carried his team throughout the tournament.

Yet it is Travis’s faith that most impresses me and made me fall in love with him.  No matter what he went through, his faith carried him through and I love how he thanked God after every big win.  He is also big on family, which is beautiful, and his humility is a gorgeous thing to see.

I’m happy to see Duke marching on, but there was a part of me that was hurt for Travis Trice, as he is one of the players I have truly fallen in love with during this tournament, along with Zach Auguste, Willie Cauley-Stein and Tyus Jones.  Actually, I fell in love with Tyus Jones beforehand – I can’t wait to see him play again tomorrow.


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