Putting in Work to Achieve His Dreams: Joel’s Story

I love music and I am a big lover of RnB. It makes me happy to see this young guy pursuing his dream of becoming a big time RnB singer, and I know that we will inspire many young people.

Young People Insight

There has been a certain buzz around the UK music scene over recent years, which is likely to serve as inspiration for young people who want to pursue a career within the music industry.

Joel Lancaster is a 20-year-old singer from Croydon, who performs under the name of JL.  He says: “Singing has always been something that I could do from a young age.  My voice was handed down from my mum, but I started taking singing seriously from the age of 16.”

Joel originally wanted to become a basketball player, but he decided to pursue a singing career once he learnt that a management company was interested in working with him.

This is despite Joel never having any professional voice training, instead teaching himself everything he knows.  However, voice training is something he’d love to do, as he believes that there is “ALWAYS room for improvement and development.”

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