Staying Patient

Spending more time with my God, tuning into what He has to say and doing things to intentionally grow my faith is making changes in my life.

I can see myself developing, growing in confidence and motivation, and moving forward.  I can also see things happening in my life, and I know that is the doing of my God.

I am working on a number of different things in my life, including a business venture.  I know that it is going to take a lot of work, especially as I am setting up a youth organisation and trying to find freelance work, but I am willing to rise to the challenge.

Setting up a business is always what I wanted to do and this business venture combines something that I love with bringing the young community together in my home of Croydon.

I am currently in the research stages of my business and one of the ways I am conducting this research is through a survey.  It only takes a few minutes and I would love for you to take the survey and pass it on to other young people.  It would really mean a lot as I work to move forward:

I know that it is going to take time to get a significant number of responses and develop all of my ventures, but I know that I will be able to do it with God working with me.  I just have to continue being patient.


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