Is any dream too large?

I love this beautiful piece, full of sentiments that ring true to me. I know that with my God, no dream is too large and I can make a real difference.

Mind's Seat

follow your dreams follow your heart

Your dreams are too big my critics say

They won’t come true no matter how hard you work and pray

That is when I ask them this question: Is any dream too large?

You see, my dream is for communities helping people their dreams to come true

It’s for helping that person in need, for helping you

For lifting up our sister, our brother

The love, the time we give to one another

In a world of plenty there is no need for any to go without meat, vegetables, fruit and bread

How many more people will we hear about on the TV news we dread

That many children from malnutrition are now dead

‘cause they weren’t well fed?

I know I hear many people say there is not much they can do

Say poverty will always be with us and likely this is true

But there is a gift…

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