Shallow Heart

I just read a beautiful Thought for the Day about following your heart and it just made me reconsider how I look at guys sometimes.

Although I’m not a shallow individual, there are times when I can be a little shallow in my attraction to guys, focusing on their looks rather than how they treat me.  This post reminded me to follow my heart when looking for love, rather than following with my eyes, because a lovely face doesn’t necessarily mean a lovely personality.

When it comes down to me genuinely having feelings for someone, personality is the most important thing.  However, I haven’t really been living by that mantra recently, instead developing shallow feelings for guys who do not have great personalities or finding myself attracted to guys based solely on their looks.

Yes, I do need to be at least physically attracted to someone for me to date them, but it is their character, personality and heart that will seal the deal for me.

Nevertheless, I need to really start following my heart and listen to what it’s telling me, so that I know when my feelings are genuine.  Like I said, I can be a little shallow sometimes.


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