We Are Losing Our Social Graces

This is a deep, hard-hitting piece. Everything said here is extremely true and reading it makes me incredibly sad, because I wish we had better face-to-face communication in this world. I can hold my hands up and say that I am also guilty of what is written in this post. I need to change that.



We are losing the ability to talk with one another when we are with each other. This break down in communication occurs not only with strangers we come in contact with each day, but also in closer relationships between people.

It is sad to see couples out on a date with each other these days. Instead of gazing into each others eyes, their eyes are downward toward their electronic gizmo.

There is an addiction taking place right before our eyes. Many reasons are given for there incessant “need” to be plugged in. Not all of these reasons are bad. It is not a matter of the importance that technology affords us. The point is, we are losing our social graces.

Part of the reason for people young and not so young struggling with this anti-social behavior is lack of vocal communication skills. They seem to be adept at texting, but holding single…

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