Twitter reacts to ‘sexist’ interns advert by Rupert Murdoch-owned magazine

Seriously, what is the world coming to? Why would anybody do this?


(Picture: Twitter: @SuzanneCarbone) Doesn’t it just make you want to work for no pay? (Picture: Twitter: @SuzanneCarbone)

Few things are more degrading than being an intern – you don’t get paid, you essentially spend all day making cups of tea, and you have to grovel and beg for this ‘job’ and then be infinitely thankful when they boot you out after 6 months.

However Sunday Style, an Australian magazine owned by Rupert Murdoch, just added another level of filth to the hole process by posting an advert for internships that featured an image of a woman in her underwear posing on a bed.

The image was posted to the News Corp-owned magazine’s Instagram account, before being quickly deleted (but not before a lot of people took screen grabs of it).

[metro-link url=”” title=”Ukip Twitter account ‘uses World Aids Day to promote fear of immigration’”]

The advert and accompanying image was instantly branded as…

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