A Year of Sports Memories

I love sports and during the course of the year, I definitely enjoyed what 2014 had to offer.  I had my first proper Super Bowl experience with snacks and the lot, as I revelled watching the Seattle Seahawks thrash the Denver Broncos.

I also paid careful attention to the Commonwealth Games for the first time this summer and I loved it – I just wish that I had been able to volunteer.  I will definitely be looking forward to the Commonwealth Games in four years time.

But more than anything, I had a great time watching my beloved basketball.  My favourite sport provided me with happy moments, excited me and filled me with emotions, especially during March Madness.  I was on the edge of my seat on numerous occasions.

I was excited for the men’s unexpected National Championship game between UConn and Kentucky, especially because of my love for Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright.  I loved every moment of that game and watching UConn win made me put a big smile on my face, but I was even more excited to watch my UConn ladies play in their National Championship game on the following night.

Of course, my UConn ladies won their game against rivals, Notre Dame, which made the victory even sweeter.  This win made me extremely happy and just like with the men’s championship, I loved watching the final moments with the players and their coaches.

However, my favourite sporting moment of 2014 was watching the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.  After last year’s heartbreaking loss to the Heat, I was so glad to watch the Spurs beat and totally dominate the same team who stole the title from them last year.  It was like perfect justice.

The Spurs also provided one of my other top sporting highlights when they made Becky Hammon the first full-time assistant coach in a major sports league.  It was a big step forward for women in sports and I hope that this will lead to further developments.

I’m looking forward to what the sports world brings in 2015, especially the Athletics World Championships and of course, March Madness.  I know that I’ll feel a mixture of emotions and that I’ll be excited all over again.


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