A Year of Realisations

There have been a number of issues that I’ve had to work through this year and a lot of things that I’ve had to figure out.  One of the things that I’ve had to work through is the issue of guys.

I’ve spent so long stressing over guys and complaining about how much they’ve hurt me, but a few months ago, I realised that guys were far from the problem and that I was in fact the real issue.

This was an issue that had bothered me for a long time and I was so glad to finally get to the root of it, although I have not been able to sort through the full extent of the problem just yet.

I recently connected with a guy and spent a significant amount of time speaking to him, but as usual, it did not end well.  However, it was a situation that taught me a number of lessons and reiterated just how much I would like to have a special someone in my life.

I’ve always wanted to find that deep, beautiful love, where I fall for the person that I’ve been waiting for all my life, but for some reason, I’ve felt like it’s not going to happen to for me.  Yet when I realised that I was the real issue, I also began to see that I’d soon have a vision of love with someone truly special.

Although this year didn’t bring me that special someone (or maybe I haven’t discovered that they’re right in front of me), I’m hoping and praying that 2015 will.  I finally want to have that vision of love and share time with a beautiful person who will truly make me smile.


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