New Year, New Faces

I love meeting new people and this year was great for meeting new people.  Over the past twelve months, quite a few new people have entered my life and given me plenty of new memories.

It’s weird when I think that I started going to the LNK unit early in the year.  I feel that some of the people I’ve met there have been my friends for ages, especially my guys Kenneth, Andrae, Jack and Randy.  These four guys constantly make me laugh and seeing them will always put a smile of my face.  Kenneth just happens to have one of the best personalities ever and arguing with him is a lot of fun.

Going to LNK also meant that I was introduced to the wonderful people from Beats & Eats, which is a truly unique music event in the heart of Croydon.  They all made me feel appreciated and welcome, which is a great feeling, and I will always be willing to show them support.  I’m especially glad to have met Gemma the Baker, who I can genuinely call a friend.  Meeting the beautiful, soulful-voiced Ivanmore has also been a huge highlight.

However, one of the best sets of people that I met were the special group of Americans that I spent a couple of days with.  These individuals had a great set of personalities and I’m happy to still be in touch with a number of them, especially my awesome basketball buddy, Caleb.  I hope we stay friends forever.

And how can I forget my kind but crazy friend, Elikem, and my sweetheart, Inno.  Although I haven’t even known Elikem for a year yet, it feels like we’ve been friends for a lot longer, and I just love Inno – the two of us can really talk.  There are also the lovely people at Croydon Tech City and any other event I’ve been to.

I’ve enjoyed meeting these great people in 2014, along with numerous others that I haven’t mentioned.  They’ve become a part of my life and they’re in my heart, like all of the people who have been a part of my life over the past 22 years.  I can’t wait to meet a lot more new faces in 2015.


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