We need to step up and make changes to stop the cycle

I loved reading the book, Hood Rat by Gavin Knight, and it opened my eyes more to the issues concerning young people. We really need to make changes to stop the cycle.

I recently finished reading HOOD RAT: Britain’s Lost Generation by Gavin Knight, which allowed me to get into the minds and actions of some young individuals mixed up in drugs and gang culture.

Just like John Heale’s One Blood, this book was a learning curve that gave me an even deeper perspective of young people caught up in a dangerous lifestyle in Britain.  Reading Hood Rat also reiterated a previous point I made about there being more to young people than what is on the surface – in many cases, there is more to their actions than we realise.

In reference to the 2011 riots, Gavin Knight wrote: “Over two years I’d spoken to so many articulate, even charming young men, lost to a life on the streets.  They felt abandoned.  When no one cares about you, you are less likely to care about smashing a shop window.”



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