A Cheeky, Great Host

Since I’ve written about three of my Textiles girlies, I think it’s only fair to write about another one of them so that she doesn’t feel left out.  After all, I’ve got a lot of love in my heart for all of them.

This particular individual was in my form throughout my five years in secondary school, and she was also in my Textiles class at GCSE level.  However, I did not strike up a close relationship with her until our famous A-level Textiles classes.

It was during that time that I realised just how funny she was.  She always had some of the most interesting, odd and humorous stories to share with us, which kept us gripped on every word.  She would also come out with some of the funniest statements and do some of the strangest things, which is what makes her character so special.

There is also a cheeky side to her, as she enjoys playing practical jokes and messing around, which sometimes meant that not enough of her work got done.  However, when her work did get done, it looked great.

She is one of the best hosts ever and I have to say that her house is absolutely beautiful.  I’ll never forget when she got her mum to bring in curry and rice for us to eat as a celebratory meal, during one of our last (or maybe it was our last) Textiles lessons.

I love to see her when I can and I love watching her obsession with chillies – it’s hilarious.  I know that she will do well in whatever she does and I hope she can figure out what she really wants soon.  I love her loads.


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