Making the move to pursue his dream: Matthew’s Story

I love this piece about Matthew, who grew up on the same road as me. I love that he’s determined to pursue his dream.

With the USA College Basketball Season set to tip-off this week, there is no better time to shine the spotlight on a talented young man who is pursuing his dream of playing in the NBA.

Matthew Don is a 21-year-old London native, who grew up in Croydon.  Growing up in Croydon was a “fun” experience for him, but it could be difficult as an aspiring basketball player, because he could “never find a court to practise at”.

Matthew is a power forward, who has been playing basketball for seven years, but what started off as a fun activity during secondary/high school, soon developed into passion.  When he was about 15, a conversation between his dad and his coach helped Matthew to realise that he wanted to pursue a career in basketball, so he began taking the necessary steps to get there.

He not only played basketball at his secondary school…

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