Instantly Clicked

It’s nice when you meet someone and you instantly click, which as you know, does not happen very often for me.  I have a lot of wonderful friends in my life, but I have not clicked with all of them outright, like I did with this particular individual.

This is someone that I have been friends with for just over a year, but he already has a special place in my heart.  I have said before that once you are in my heart, you are there forever.

To be honest, it is so easy to strike up a friendship with this person, because he is kind, approachable and friendly.  I remember how easy it was to talk to him when we first met, and we interacted like we had been friends with each other for a while.

He makes me laugh with his clumsiness and quirky ways, and we are able to talk about basketball, which always makes me happy.  He actually knew about Brittney Griner, while quite a few so-called basketball fans have no idea about who she is.

Did I also mention that my friend has truly beautiful hair?  I just thought I’d mention it, because I love beautiful hair and it is actually his hair that first made me notice him – we were introduced my a mutual friend.

I was so proud of my friend when I saw that he had got baptised, but I just wish that I could have been there.  Like so many of my other friends, I don’t see him very often, but hopefully I’ll get to see him a little more once he finishes uni.  I really have got a lot of love for him.


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