A Proper Little Brother

So you know that I have only one sister by blood, but there are a number of other individuals who I refer to as brothers and sisters.  I may not see them or speak to them as much as the sister I live with, but they are my brothers and sisters nonetheless.

I have a gorgeous little brother who makes me smile whenever I see him – he has the potential to brighten up my day.  It has been interesting to watch him grow from the little boy that I looked out for as Team Leader for my first crew at Vacation Bible School (VBS), to the teenager who is now attending college.

It was funny, because I would constantly be telling him off during our time together at VBS, but he still loved me.  I guess he responded well to my discipline – probably because I was firm but fair.  Even though he could drive me a little crazy at times, I loved him too and he is one of the children I’ve looked after who I still have a strong connection with.

We can sit and have proper conversations about a number of things.  He can come out with some madness that will horrify me or make me laugh, and he does annoying little things that any little brother would do.  I really hate when he pushes my head or leans on my shoulder, because I’m short.

He was one of the people who made my 21st birthday so special, as he made the effort to come to the birthday party that I shared with my sister for our family.  I was really glad to have him there, because he is family, and I felt special when he gave me a gift, which I wasn’t expecting.  Just having him there was a gift for me.

I will always be there for him and I will always give him my support, because he is my little brother and that means he has a permanent place in my heart.  I love him so much.


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