We’ve Got an Abundance of Memories

As I mentioned before, my time studying A-level Textiles was one of the best periods in my life.  It allowed me to make firm friends with some beautiful ladies and I’m going to be writing about another one of them today.

Now you know that I love being around funny people and this friend of mine is definitely one of the funniest people that I know – she is probably in my top five.  We would always find ways to make each other laugh and she still manages to crack me up now, just through simple statuses on Facebook.

A lot of my favourite sixth form memories were spent with her, which resulted in her becoming a close friend.  She introduced me to JLS and made me love them during their time on the X Factor.  She introduced me to Trey Songz, as she told me about her major crush on him.  I think there were other things she introduced me to as well, but I can’t recall all  of them right now.

We’d spend lots of time listening to the tunes on her iPod, as I danced around and sang for her amusement.  We’d discuss and laugh at all of the weird things from our Textiles lessons.  She’d talk about her obsession with Beyoncé and I’d simply talk about anything else.

We would get the most jokes together, and I could actually create a whole series of posts based on our memories and various funny moments.

She is one of the sweetest and best people that I know.  I just can’t believe that we spent five years in the same school and didn’t speak until we entered sixth form – I feel like we missed out on valuable laughing time.

Like many of my other friends and all of my Textiles buddies, I don’t see my girl enough and I miss her like crazy.  I love her to pieces and just for her amusement… Concrete!!


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