An Unexpected Friendship

It’s always great when you strike up an unexpected friendship with someone, which continues to grow and grow as time goes on.  This was the case with one of my friends, who makes me laugh more and more every time I see him.

I strike up good friendships with people, regardless of their age, as long as we can hold a conversation and they can talk to me on a level.  Like my twin, this particular friend is five years younger than me, but I see him as no different from my other friends who are of a similar age.

We solidified our friendship during one particular summer holiday, when we were volunteering together at the Holiday Bible School at our church.  He would tell me, my sister and my cousins stories, which would have us cracking up laughing for ages.

Ever since then, he’s found myself at my 18th, 20th and 21st birthday celebrations, which he always added a lot of joy to.  I loved his expression of happiness over tending to the barbecue with my dad at my 21st birthday – he really is the cutest.

He’s also a great little actor and I’ve loved having him in any of the plays that I’ve directed.  He adds something special to any part that he plays and finds a way to bring the character to life.  He also never fails to bring jokes to the rehearsals, although he does drive me crazy at times.

I love sitting down to speak to him and I always love the funny little things he comes out with.  In fact, it is him that I have to thank for having my beautiful twin in my life, as it was him that caused the two of us to meet.

I have a lot of time for him and I know that he will always have time for me, because we have a special relationship that is kind of like a brother and sister.  He actually said that he wanted to make me one of his siblings, which I thought was really sweet.

I know that whenever I see him, there will be a smile on my face, which is why I love him to pieces.



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