It’s annoying when there are ideas constantly whizzing around in your head, leaving you feeling a little dizzy and overwhelmed from your brain working in overdrive.  But what is worse, is when you find it difficult to put those ideas into words, which can be said out loud and expressed on paper.

This seems to be a continuous problem for me, which I have to keep pushing through, otherwise it will result in me always thinking and not actually putting any of my ideas into practise.  I don’t want to be a dreamer or “great thinker” who never does anything productive; what is the point in that?

It just sucks when you have so many things that you want to do, but you struggle with actually doing them or you have no idea about how to put them into practise.  The lack of genuine and productive help, guidance and support from some individuals can also be quite counterproductive and just a little irritating.

I just want to go forward and make my ideas into a reality, because I know that my ideas a good and they could help to make a real difference in this world.  However, I first need to express them on paper so that they make proper sense and get some people to work with me, because I cannot do it alone.  After all, ideas are worth nothing if they just stay imprisoned in your head.



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