A Real Annoyance

I find searching for phones a real annoyance. I am not a techy person and I hate having to look for new gadgets to replace the old ones in my possession, such as digital cameras and of course, mobile phones.

I will keep hold of something until it is of no good use anymore, simply because I like the item in my possession and I have grown accustomed to it.  I am someone who is happy being comfortable with something and you know how much I struggle with change, which is probably why I hold onto things for so long.

My mobile phone is currently sick, preventing me from going on phone calls or sending voice notes.  The microphone is gone, probably due to old age and the many times that I have dropped my it.  I need a new phone, because making and receiving calls are actually very important and I am currently unable to do that.

However, I hate having to sift through phones to find out which one I actually want, before then having to search for the best possible price for the phone I would want.  It is something that frustrates me and slightly baffles my mind, so I try to avoid it and pass the process on to someone else, who probably has more knowledge than I do.

I also don’t like conforming to the norm, so I prefer to go for phones that people around me are unlikely to have, which in a way makes the price more affordable.  I do have a phone in mind and hopefully it will be pink, because I’ve missed having a pink phone (I’m girly like that).  It is just an annoying process, which I simply wish that I could skip altogether.


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