Back to the Beginning

As I’ve spent time thinking about a particular area in my life that I can’t seem to push through, I’ve realised that I need to go back to the beginning.

When making one of my most important life decisions, I had to go back to basics, but this time it requires going back to the beginning, which is a little different.

I need to look at where it all started and hone in on all of the situations that I have found myself in since then.  I think that once I focus on all of these situations, from the very beginning, and talk it over with God, then I will finally be able to move on.

By moving on, I hope to be happy with the person I am and find that hole in my heart is filled with all of the love that my God has to give, which is why I need to do this with Him.

I know that I have stressed the importance of leaving my past behind me, but sometimes leaving the past behind means revisiting it, facing it and understanding how it has effected you, so that you can put it to rest rather than putting it to one side.

Going back to the beginning is what I need to do and I am sure that this will be the best thing for me going forward.  I just want to let go and live life with a whole heart.



  1. So often we only pay attention and try to deal with the pain in our past when it is driving us into the pit. The better time to address our past is when we are walking in the sunshine.

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