Wrap Me in Your Arms

William McDowell has a beautiful song, Closer/Wrap Me in Your Arms, which has become my prayer and cry to God over the past months.  I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, because of its sweetness and because every single lyric relates to me and my life.  This is a special song that could relate to anyone.

I love that this song feels like a prayer from the very beginning, as I sing along to the words: “Into your arms / I’m drawing near again / To dwell with you / It’s my only heart’s desire / It’s my only heart’s desire”.  Whenever I sing this song, I am coming into my Lord’s arms to spend time with Him, praise Him, talk to Him and have Him in my heart.  It also feels like I am personally asking Him a question, because I want dwelling with Him to be my only heart’s desire and I am begging for Him to help me get there.

The funny thing is that tears sometimes fill my eyes as the choir come in and sing: “All I can do / Is fall on my knees and cry / Cleanse me with fire / And purify my heart”.  I have cried out to God to take my whole heart and fill the void that has opened there.  I have asked Him to cleanse my heart and take the place of all others, but I guess that there is something that I am holding back, because I am struggling to give God my whole heart and let Him take control.

So then, I ask Him to, “Draw me close / Closer than before / Closer than I’ve ever been”.  I want to grow closer to God each and every day, so that we in effect become totally connected.  I want Him to hold me close, so that He guards me and my heart from harm, hurt and pain.  I want Him to draw me close so that I become a better a person, a happier person and a person who is fully at one with herself.  I want to be so close to God that nothing else matters and I become like Him.

The song transcends into the next phase as the words, “Wrap me in your arms”, are sung repeatedly.  The repetition of these few powerful words signifies how important and effective they are.  As I ask God to wrap me in His arms, I can feel Him wrapping His arms around me and holding me close at that moment when I need Him.  All I want is for Him to hold me and hug me to give me the strength and compassion that I need to carry on, because I cannot make it without Him.

The lyrics, “Wrap me in your arms”, were the first words that entered my head when I was reading the Sabbath School lesson that so deeply touched my heart.  A woman, who was trying her hardest to be just like Jesus, felt Jesus’s strong, loving arms wrapped around her, and as she sat in His arms, she looked into His eyes to see what He could see.  It was all too much for her to see the anguish of humanity, but Jesus held her close and kept her safe, just like He does for so me and so many others.

However, the part of the song that really gets to me is when the voices come together and sing: “Take me to that place Lord, / To that secret place where / I can be with you / You can make me like you / Wrap me in your arms / Wrap me in your arms / Wrap me in your arms”.  This is my favourite part, as I really cry out to the Lord and pray hard.  I am begging for God to take me, mould me and make me like Him, because I have tried so hard and fallen numerous times.  It is only God who can fully change me and I want Him to do that by wrapping me in His arms and taking me to that place where He can make me better.

In my Sabbath School lesson, Jesus brought that woman to a place where He could hold her in His arms, and not only see people through His eyes, but also feel their pain through His heart.  He wanted her to love them in the way that He loves them and make a difference in their lives, which is exactly what I want to do.  However, in order to be more like Him, Jesus told her that she should come back into His arms more often.

I want to be like Jesus and be at one with Him, and I would happily come into arms to make that happen, as there is no place where I feel more safe, secure and loved.  I also hope to take that safety and stop living in fear, take that security to make myself feel whole and take that love to share it with others.  So again, I pray this prayer: “Take me to that place Lord, / To that secret place where / I can be with you / You can make me like you / Wrap me in your arms / Wrap me in your arms / Wrap me in your arms”



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