A Step Forward

Last week, I was extremely happy to read about Becky Hammon getting the job of full-time Assistant Coach for the San Antonio Spurs.  In fact, I was a little emotional, not because I am a Spurs fan or huge Becky Hammon fan, but because of the big step forward that this is in the world of sports.

This is a truly amazing thing for the basketball world and ultimately the sports world as a whole, because it shows that women are getting more respect – more to the point, they are finally getting the respect that they have long deserved.  I hate when people diss women’s basketball and call it boring, even when some have not even watched them play.  And I can’t stand when people refer to women as the weaker sex.

You know that I love watching women’s basketball and I greatly admire the skills that they possess when playing the game – it’s not all about dunking and show-boating for them.  There are some truly great players in the women’s game and many of them display a stellar basketball IQ, which is the main reason that Becky Hammon has been recruited by the Spurs head office.  There is no way that they would hire someone who does not understand the game or know what they’re talking about, especially on a team as effective as the San Antonio Spurs.

Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA by far and he definitely knows his stuff, so there is no way that he would have someone assisting him who is not up to the job.  This is also a plus for Becky, as she will be learning from the best and this will probably do wonders for her coaching career in the future.  She may even end up being the first female Head Coach in the NBA, but I think that we have a long way to go until that happens.

The Spurs are the perfect fit for Becky to grow and start her coaching career, as she will not only be working under the best, but she will also be working with a humble organisation and coaching a team of humble, respectful players.  I also love that they broke the news by simply referring to her as their assistant coach, rather than using the word female and instead focusing on her gender – it was a very classy move on the Spurs part.

I had great respect and admiration for the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich before, but after last week, my respect and admiration for them has grown even more.  This is a great move and I salute the NBA for the being the first of the major sports organisations to make this happen.  Congratulations to Becky Hammon and I hope that this will continue to open doors for women in sports, because they deserve a greater chance and so much more respect.


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