Vision of Love

Over the past two weeks, particularly the Saturday when I felt a little down and conflicted, Vision of Love by Mariah Carey was the song that brought me comfort and put a smile on my face.  As I mentioned before, I love the various tones of Mariah’s voice throughout the song, as it adds to the overall emotion and strong feeling that is necessary to accompany such strong and beautiful lyrics.

As I struggle with issues of the heart and continue to doubt that I’ll ever find love, it made me feel good to hear the words: “Still I believed / Somehow the one that I needed / Would find me eventually”.  Although this is a secular song, I feel that God wanted me to hear it at just the right time, because it reminded me that the right person would come into my life eventually, at the right time.  I want to feel love and I desire to feel wanted, but I am still struggling with who I am, which means that it is not the right time for the one to come into my life.

I can also relate as Mariah sings: “Prayed through the nights / Felt so alone / Suffered from alienation / Carried the weight on my own”.  I have spent numerous nights praying and talking to God, there are still times when I feel alienated and alone, and I’ve felt that I’ve had to carry the weight on my own.  However, I don’t feel that I need a guy to help carry my load, because I already have God for that.

However, it is the final part of the song that really brings me joy and there was a big smile that lit up my face as I sang along with the lyrics: “Prayed through the nights / So faithfully / Knowing the one that I needed / Would find me eventually”.  Even though this is only a song, it makes me feel good to know that someone believes that the one will eventually come into their lives.  It’s as if listening to this song gives me some sort of hope, which is just what I need when I come to love.

Vision of Love is a truly beautiful song that I adore and it will always find a way to touch me, but I am just incredibly thankful that I heard it on that night I was out walking.  It brought me hope and I am glad of that.  Now I look forward to my vision of love and meeting the one who will give it to me.



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