Skeletons Out of the Closet

This was an incredibly inspiring piece by another individual who suffered self-harm who I can sympathise with.



“Hi, my name’s Tom, and I cut myself.”

There isn’t an easy way to talk about self-harm. It’s not the best of conversation starters – more of a conversation killer. There isn’t an easy way to write about it either. It’s something very physical, something tangible – raw and messy – so finding the right words to describe it sensitively is hard. I can see the irony in posting on the internet about something that most people, myself included, try so hard to keep hidden. But I think, given the haze and misunderstanding that surrounds this particular skeleton, I think it’s worth letting it out of the closet.

It’s something you find yourself wanting to sugar-coat, to play it down, pretend like it’s no big deal, that it’s the same as scratching yourself on a bramble or a protruding nail. That it’s okay, that it’s normal.

But it’s not. It’s…

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