Self Harm: My Story

This is the hardest post I think I’ve ever had to right, but I’m proud of myself for finally having the courage.

Young People Insight

I remember being in my early teenage years and feeling sick and tired of the pain that I was suffering at the hands of someone that cared about – along with his friends to back him up.  I’d already had others who had hurt me.  There had already been a number of times when I’d wanted to die.  And my self-esteem was already at a low.

All of those factors probably contributed to that one moment, when I grabbed the first sharp object that I could find in a bid to ease the pain. I took the jagged key in my hand and raised it to my arm, tearing it through my skin to reveal red, raised marks.  It didn’t do much damage and I was only left with a few basic scratches, but the release in that moment felt great and I found myself eventually smiling through the tears.

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