Don’t Wanna Be Here

The longer I stay living on this earth, the more I feel that I don’t wanna be here.

I’m so sick of having to live in a world that is overflowing with negativity and overrun with bad things taking place.

All you have to do is turn on the news or pick up a newspaper to see that our world is getting worse and there is no sign of it getting better.

I’m also tired of feeling the hurt that is delivered to me at the hands of others, which ultimately makes me feel worse about myself.

Living in this world can be hard and I’m sure that we all question our purpose sometimes, as we never asked to be born.  It was a choice that was made for us.

I’m so tired of being here – I’m actually over it now – but with God’s help and guidance, I will strive to make the best of a bad situation, because this world is not my final home.


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