Seeing Them Happy

No one means more to me in this world than my sister and I adore my best friend.  These two girls mean more to me than words can describe and they have a huge place in my heart.

All I want is for the people in my life to be happy, but I especially want to see these two happy because of the big part they play in my life.

Seeing them unhappy breaks my heart and watching them go through pain that I can’t fix has the ability to bring tears to my eyes.

I would give anything just to see the two of them happy, smiling and thriving.  I would give up my career, stop listening to music, give away my beloved books and burn all my special mementos if I could take away the pain and make things good for them.

I love these beautiful ladies so much and all I want is for them to be happy.  It would be the greatest gift in the world.


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