My Second Love

When I visited my old university to watch the graduate fashion show by the students from my previous pathway, I was asked if I left a career in fashion behind me because I hate it that much.  I told her that it wasn’t that, but rather the course had become too much for me.  However, I should have said that I don’t hate fashion at all.

If it all came down to me hating fashion, I would have been showing my work during the fashion show and graduating this year, because I still really love fashion.  Fashion is my second love, after writing, and I have always said that it will have a special place in my heart that can never be replaced.

I love to sit down with a good fashion magazine and I continue to keep up to date with the seasonal trends – I especially like taking a look at the couture shows.  I am all about the red carpet shows during awards season, so that I can see what the celebrities are wearing, and I really enjoy sketching fashion designs in my spare time.

Although I am focusing on my writing and working with young people, I always tell anyone who asks that I will never say never to fashion.  I still hope to open my own fashion design business one day, but I can tell you now that I will not be making the clothes.  I wouldn’t mind having a part in the design process though, because I do love sketching.

Fashion means a lot to me, and there are times when I wish that I could have completed my degree and graduated with the rest of my class.  However, things change and writing is where my heart lies, but I will always love fashion.


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