Creative Futures Programme Day 8: Business Planning

I wanna set up my own business, so this is perfect for me. Also listen to a song I made with some other great young people.

Young People Insight

Our live music event has the real possibility of becoming a fully fledged business venture, which made a session on business panning with Alison Surtees very appropriate. This was our second time with Alison, after first meeting her on Day 5 when we learnt about event planning.

We were given an insight into the difference between being self-employed and a business start-up, as we learned that when you set up a company, you can limit your liability, but if you’re self-employed, then you are liable for everything.  The company sits as an entity, whilst you sit as an individual.

Alison led out on a discussion of what is involved in being self-employed and what it is to be self-employed.  She told us that if you are self-employed, you have to register with HMRC, but you don’t have to register immediately – you have about 3-4 months until after you’ve set…

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