True Frustration

Do you know how frustrating and heartbreaking it is to always like the guys who don’t like you back?

It seems that this is always the case with me, as I spend hours on end thinking about guys who don’t have a genuine interest in me.  It’s as if I prefer to like guys who are wrong for me and that I want guys who don’t actually want me back.  I don’t know why that is, but I wish that I could stop it and turn it off, because it really gets on my nerves.

However, what is worse is that the guys who have a genuine interest in me and actually want me are the ones that I don’t want.  No matter how I may try, I can’t bring myself to like them, but they are the ones who choose to pursue me.  They eventually give up though, especially when it appears that they cannot just be my friend, but they feel that they have to be something more.

Even the ones that I eventually start to consider or kind of grow to like stop wanting me as much as they did or even stop liking me all together.  It’s like a stupid annoying cycle – once I like you, then you stop liking me.  It’s like someone is playing some sick game with a life and having a good old laugh at me, but I don’t find it at all amusing.

There was a guy I met last week, who I have a real interest in and attraction to.  It is not just because he is very cute, but there is something about him that I obviously like and I can feel it.  However, he hasn’t called, which is annoying because he is the one guy that I want to call and he hasn’t, while these other guys are calling.

This is just the way my life goes though – show an interest in a guy and he just chooses to ignore me.  I’m not trying to get down on myself or make anyone feel sorry for me, because I know that there are others in the same boat as I am, but it is so incredibly frustrating.  I just think that I am going to be single for a very long time.



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